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WEBMASTER: Gordon D French, QM3, 50-53,

Since closing the book on our final planned, official gathering, we haven't just sat idly doing nothing.  Several small gatherings have taken place. AND !!! we recently
began receiving information concerning a (As I refer to it) small gathering at the Island Vista Resort in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  I'm not sure just who has the
original idea, but it seems that Gaye and President Bob Steinauer are deeply involved.  We have rec'd a mailing with all of the hotel information and as always, there
seems to be a block of rooms set aside for those who wish to attend.  The only problem is that time is short and those wishing to "Be There and once again see old
friends and shipmates" must make their reservations for those rooms by September 12th.  The number of the hotel is 1-877-684-2127.  If you miss that date, you
can still call the hotel at 1-855-732-6250 or 1-843-449-6406 and book a regular room.  To reserve that room, the

There will be not scheduled tours, farewell banquet (That means no door prizes) or the usual, but there is enough, in fact more than enough to do on Myrtle Beach.  
If you would like a copy of the General Information handout which came to association members contact Gaye Cline-Schooler at and she will
be most happy to provide you with a registration packet.  A point of information is that the registration forms must be completed and returned to our Treasurer,
Mary Crocker, PO Box 167, Plum Branch, SC 29845 not later than October 10th.  We always have arms wide open to welcome old shipmates, their families, their
friends and anyone else who wishes to gather with a group related to the USS Enoree, AO/TAO-69, that grand old girl who served off and on from 1943 through
three wars.  We'd love to see you there

If you have just happened to run across this website and have any input or questions, please contact one of us whose names and contact information appear on the
front page of this website.

A sad note seems to raise its head more often these days as the number of shipmates and their spouses who are crossing that "Gangplank of Life" for the last time is
rapidly increasing.  Though saddened by the loss of our shipmates, we rejoice in the fact that we have shared many, many wonderful experiences over the past 20
years as well as the brotherhood of war and service aboard the Enoree as young men. We do so appreciate Gaye Cline-Schooler, the daughter of David Cline
taking the reins of the editorship of the Enoree Tidings and acting as the news hub.  If you have questions or information to share, contact her at the E-Mail address
shown on the Index Page of this Web Site.



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